KATLIFT constantly designs elevators and similar systems to safely transport people and loads in buildings.

KATLIFT, with the philosophy of building elevators in every region with enthusiasm and conveying its experiences, creates solutions by using its innovation capabilities and offers an organization that you will be in contact with for a long time and establish friendships.


KATLIFT, All types used in Vertical and Horizontal transportation, Rope (Machine/Motor) or Hydraulic, Human, Cargo, Panoramic, Patient, (Stretcher) Vehicle lift, Disabled Platform, Load Platform, Ladder seat systems and Elevator with Closed cabin Design, Project, assembly and commitment is one of our main activities. elevator business; It is a profession that requires consideration of all elements such as Machinery, Electricity, Electronics, Mechanics, Construction Techniques, and project characteristics. Therefore, choosing a knowledgeable and competent company is an issue that requires great care. KATLIFT, Our company, which closely follows the technological developments and even produces technology, handles every type and every capacity elevator project with great care and offers high-tech and high-quality, efficient, environmentally friendly, economical solutions.


During the architectural and revision of existing buildings, modernization, revision and bringing to today's standards of elevators is a very sensitive and difficult service. KATLIFT is preferred and engaged in such cases. It provides these services flawlessly on the basis of other elevator brands it has installed.


        Documents to be prepared during the architectural design of the buildings


       To be prepared during the architectural design of the buildings and at the end of their completion



        Our services in the architectural design of elevator structures and in all needs and dispute processes


All elevators operating in existing buildings are exposed to wear. therefore, their service performance begins to decline. For this reason, elevators are also under surveillance by official institutions. In this negative functioning process, elevator companies undertake the necessary procedures. KATLIFT comes into play again in this process. In order to modernize, revise and standardize both the elevators it has installed and the other elevator brands, it makes on-site status determinations of the elevators and delivers a report to the relevant elevator supervisors.


When purchasing an elevator system, you purchase an organization with which you will be in a relationship and establish friendships for a long time. For this reason, after-sales service is one of the most important parts of our business. Since we are dealing with a business that will affect human life, we undertake the maintenance and responsibility of every elevator we manufacture and assemble, within the framework of the contracts signed with the customer. As KATLIFT, we provide maintenance services for elevators of all types and brands, apart from the elevators we install ourselves. Having a high-quality and well-functioning elevator doesn't just mean having a good company install it. Elevator is one of the products that should be given importance after sales service. KATLIFT, with its after-sales service department, provides your elevator breakdown and maintenance as soon as possible. In the Elevator Regulation published in the Official Gazette, the subject is as follows: "In order for each elevator to be kept under constant control before it is put into operation, a written agreement will be made with an elevator company that will be responsible for maintenance and repair. This company can generally be the company that installs the elevator, but also the maintenance man. However, within the warranty period, the maintenance company must be the company that makes the elevator." KATLIFT undergoes internal training of all maintenance personnel according to technological developments. It is our maintenance philosophy to obtain elevators that do not fail and only need periodic maintenance (such as material wear, lubrication, fatigue, removal of damage caused by use). At these stages, KATLIFT keeps the annual failure record of each Elevator and periodically performs a Failure/Elevator performance evaluation.