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Elevators are vehicles that carry us to the future. Do you know these to ensure it is safe and at your constant disposal?

You should keep your elevators under control by having them serviced by a competent elevator company every month.

You should have your elevators under control by having an appraisal done by a Type A Notified body contracted by your Municipality once a year.

The legal responsible of your elevators is the building manager. If there is no building manager, it belongs to the building owners.

31 Jul Caution for Chinese Origin Products
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The horror of the recent virus epidemic is on everyone's agenda. Today, elevator technology and market are largely in the monopoly of Chinese companies and industrialists. Especially suppliers and distributors who trade in European and Middle Eastern..
31 Jul Registration Procedures in New Elevators
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Within the scope of the zoning amnesty, there are problems between the official institutions that carry out the registration, the elevator contractors and the elevator companies during the registration of the elevators in the illegally made buildings..
31 Jul Color Labeling Processes in Elevators
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1- Red label2- Yellow label3- Blue label4- Green labelNever use the red label elevators.When using yellow-labeled elevators, carefully look at their history.You must use your elevator with a blue or green label...
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